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Are cottages the new starter homes?

If you’re trying to buy in Toronto, the answer is yes.

Photo by Josh Reyes, @joshhreyes

While buying in Ottawa may feel extremely competitive right now, prices are still within reason.

Meanwhile in Toronto, prices are quickly climbing and becoming increasingly impossible for first-time home buyers to face.

So what do you do? Work four jobs to barely afford a teeny condo downtown? Or embrace the country life and commute?

Toronto first-time home buyers are heading to the lake

According to Toronto Life, some home buyers are opting for cottage season all year round.

Living in the outskirts of a city has always been an option for finding more bang for your buck, but it’s rarely been popular for young buyers who love the city life.

But check out these home buyers who are living it up in their cottage homes and not regretting a dime they spent.

So would you do it?

Would you consider moving outside off Ottawa to find more affordable homes? From Carleton Place to Arnprior, the options are vast and the prices are tempting.

As the Ottawa market gets increasingly competitive, it’s possible we see this first-time home buyer cottage trend moving into our city.

Leave your thoughts in the comments, and if you’re seriously considering the cottage life, shoot me a text and let’s set it up: 613-790-7679.

Disclaimer: This information is not formal advice or instructions. The primary focus of this content is to provide basic education and personal opinion. Any information used for a real estate purchase should first be consulted on a one-on-one basis with myself or another licensed professional.

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